Archive | July, 2015

Poetry – Strands

One strand spans space, incomprehensible, A spider silk binding a wooded path, All is, like starlight far and faint, able, To traverse and mend an endless, blank swath. A temptation, to cower to the vast, And bow to fear before a step taken. The smothering shadow of evil casts, The dark of stars not struck, chance untaken. Yet if the simple spider, tethered, leaps, To weave, as […]

Push To Fail

The personal trainer said – we will push until fail. In other words, the pushups would go until I could not go anymore. There really was no we in this, but that was an argument for another day. Pushups, bag, weights, crunch – each round going until I simply could not go anymore which was not long… It is a […]