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So what have you been doing?

Working the concrete floor of the medical clinic for Duane Ficker in Guatemala.

Working the concrete floor of the medical clinic for Duane Ficker in Guatemala.

That is the question I get most. Eighteen months ago, after two decades of being a pastor in the local church I moved to starting my own nonprofit. While I still love the local church, there are a few things I  wish the church did  a different way. #1 on that list is resourcing missions. Many of our most Kingdom-Building efforts struggle to get the resources they need.

Churches can fall into a bit of a trap. While the church is essential in proclaiming the gospel message, there is a temptation to build a Kingdom of Church as opposed to a Kingdom of God. Most churches give  a very small percentage of their resources away, and what money is given  tends  to be a little bit of money going to a lot of causes.  As a result, when a mission has a larger need it is difficult for the mission to know who to ask. Churches tend to say – what we do for one we then have to do for all.

So we started RockTheWord as an experiment. Could we help connect Kingdom-Building missions with mission-minded Christians and see if in doing so the Holy Spirit moved through both? Here is who the Lord sent us to work with:

Pediatric heart surgery in Iraq with Preemptive Love Coalition

Pediatric heart surgery in Iraq with Preemptive Love Coalition

Casa Aleluya Orphanage – Antigua, Guatemala
Adonai International Misson – Cayana, Guatemala
St. Paul Presbyterian Church – Houston, Texas
COCINA Christian School – Cape Haitian, Haiti
Preemptive Love Coalition – Sulaminayah, Iraq

The results have been breathtaking. Not only have we been privileged to see these organizations move forward, we have been able to see individual Christians focus their faith along extraordinarily missional lines. We have seen the leaps only the Holy Spirit can cause. A friend of mine put it this way, how many studies on kids, marriage, and finances can we do? There has to be something more. She is going to Iraq with Preemptive Love Coalition in February. It’s what the Spirit does.

All this to say, connecting Kingdom-Building efforts with highly missional Christians causes both to grow exponentially. Jesus’ teachings come true – whatever is offered grows 20, 40, 80, 100 times and beyond. When we put our lives within Kingdom purposes Jesus moves with abundance.

I invite you to join us. On November 21, at 6 p.m. we are having an event – a Grunge Gala – to help a missionary we believe is bringing in the Kingdom and he needs a hand. Duane Ficker (father-in-law of Matt Brouwer) in Guatemala needs a little help. If you email you can RSVP or text or call me at 281-814-1198. You can also find rocktheword on Facebook. The event is casual (brush your teeth) and free. For us, however, this is not about raising money, it is about igniting a connection.

If you have been wondering – Is there more – we believe there is. Jesus is about building a Kingdom, and when we enter it the change is a step  out of this world and into the next.

Rock on!


(if  you found Jesus is this please comment and share and come rock with us at the Grunge Gala)

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