Black and Blue Friday? No way!

iStock_000002860060SmallBlack Friday leaves me blue!

Television ads switched out politics for shopping and now everyone is asking me to buy! It’s as if America bypassed being thankful and then sold Jesus’ birthdday to turn both into a self-indulgent festival.


This year Deborah and I supported Guatemalan pastor Ezdra Ortiz, along with his wife, Candida, and daughter, Deborah. They were both orphans who grew up in the Casa Aleleuya orphanage in Guatemala and now are leaders there. The joy we feel from helping them surpasses anything we can buy. We also received the unbelievable bonus of going to see them twice this year and this combination has been life-changing for us. It’s as if investing in them in turn blesses us.

Giving to those in need and watching their ministries advance is one of the greatest thrills there is. Investing in another always surpasses buying for yourself, and this holiday season I want to challenge you to do the same. Invest in another.

How? Try RockTheWord.

Every dollar you give, from now until year’s end will go to people we love.  100% of what you give, goes.  And, we want you to know these folks. RTW wants to bring these people here, host mission trips to these places, get small groups to Skype with those we touch. We want what you support to be personal because when you know the life you changed the love of God reaches in and changes you.

Here is who we hope you support:

1) Jeremy Courtney and the Preemptive Love Coalition – PLC provides pediatric heart surgery in Iraq as a means to introduce love of neighboy and the peace it brings to the people of Iraq.

2) Mike and Dottie Clark and Casa Aleluya – a Guatemalan orphanage raising 475 kids from infants through college, and is one of the most life-changing places we know. When the Book of Acts part 2 is written, it will include Mike and Dottie Clark.

3) Duane and Leslie Ficker and Adonai International – also missionaries in Guatemala who are building schools and a medical clinic in Cayana, Guatemala all with a gospel message. In one of the poorest areas of Guatemala, these are entreneurial Christ-followers we love.

Pray about it. Your gift is tax deductible and all you give is given away among these three.  Your gift can change the world and change you.

Invest in another, Black Friday won’t leave you blue!


(thanks for reading, if you found Jesus in this please share, like, & give – rock on!)

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