Black and White

Monochrome abstract backgroundColor distracts – my photgrapher friend said.

Color causes us to miss the detail.  Look at a black and white photograph and compare it to a color photo – in black and white you see more.

Occasionally, an expert will say something I thought, not having a clue. I have noticed when going to museums, in black and white photograps I see more. Without the color, the eye is free to notice other details and the irony is that even though color adds to the picture it also takes away.

In photos that is one thing, but in life another.

What would Ferguson, Missouri, look like…without color?

The thought is hot to touch.

On one side, I work with police officers every day. I will be the first to confess, their job is one I cannot comprehend. What it is to make the right choice, a lethal choice at times, in a moment requires an extraordinary discipline and skill.

I also read the Bible, and from its stories I know what it is to be part of a community oppressed. To feel as if the system is against you from the start is a story with Christian roots. Moses argued with Pharoh, and Jesus with Rome. When a voice cries oppression, the Christian ear – while it may disagree – should hear.

To step out of the news for a moment, my photographer friend struck a chord. What would the world be like if color went unnoticed? How would we act differently, if people were seen as the creation of God they are with no concern for the shade of their skin?

We would learn much. Like a photo, without the color we might see details we never saw before – details Jesus saw. When Jesus saw the lame, hated, poor, sick, and condemned He never saw just the surface. He saw within – beyond the color – and knew the child of God they were.

Many passages come to mind – a prostitute is caught – let’s push – a whore is caught. Rather than join in the condemnation Jesus says;

 Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her. – John 8:7

Go now and leave your life of sin. – John 8:11

Jesus saw the people without color – and that is very different than our seeing in black and white.


(thank you for reading, if you found Jesus in this please share)

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  1. December 4, 2014 at 4:57 pm #

    I love your thought Katie, and the new command Jesus gives us is how we are to be known. Maybe letting Jesus change our heart will change what we see?

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