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Recently, I ran 10 miles.

Last Saturday was race day for the 10 for Texas, a 10 miler that winds its way through my hometown. I have run the race in the past, but what made this year interesting was I had been sick the two days before – like, nasty, you don’t want anybody blogging about this, sick.

Race morning I wake up and my wife sensibly says, ‘You’re not running, are you?’ I felt better. It was race day. There would be smack to endure if I did not show. And honestly, when your spouse asks leading questions there is just a want inside to lean the other way.

It’s race day. It’s game on-race day! I told her, and an hour later I was at the back of the pack of the start line with 3,000 runners. Then, I asked the real question…

How am I going to do this?

When faced with a challenge, we often ask necessary questions too late. In this example it’s easy to see, but in real life I find it’s when in the middle of a challenge something emerges as obvious that we missed. Once in an effort we see it another way, and the question becomes – given where I am and what I have, what must I do to succeed?

This is a question, I believe, the faithful ask. Rather than quit or panic, the faithful press on. In Jesus’ ministry a story comes to mind. In the feeding of the 5,000 – before the actual feeding – Jesus tells his disciples to feed a large, hungry crowd themselves – John 6:1. They freak…

It would take so much money!
There’s nothing around here!
Who are you kidding?

Then, a boy is found. He’s got five loaves of bread and two fish. Jesus blesses, breaks, and then….a way.

When we stay connected to Jesus there is a way. It might not be what we thought, but it will be a way.

At the starting line I modified my question – Okay Jesus, how are we going to do this? After praying, I had these thoughts: Know what the race requires, listen to your body, stay connected to Him.

It worked. It was slow, but we ran the race.  Take where you are, what you have, connect to Him, and you will find a way.


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