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No one wants to be alone. It is, perhaps, our common fear.Family

Last night, I attended a fundraising dinner for Casa Aleleuya, a Guatemalan orphanage. I have visited the orphanage, raised funds for its work, prayed for it – and will all of those again and again as long as I can. Casa is one of those places – holy ground.

I think often of what it is about Casa I like so much. Immediately the kids jump to mind – any place with 450 kids is will make an impression. Mike and Dottie Clark, the founders, are right at the front too. Two cajuns in Guatemala doing the Lord’s work – miracles in Jesus’ style if there ever were any.

The power of Casa runs deeper, though. Casa is a place where hope triumphs over fear, where hope prevails over despair – or to say it tangibly – Casa is a place that holds the hands of kids who have no hand to hold. I learned this after receiving a massive hug from a swarm of 8 year old boys after speaking at Casa. After the collective hug subsided, a little boy held my hand.  I did not let go.

In America, we often participate in this myth of the not needing. Too often we say – I can do it myself – I am fine – I’ve got this. The truth so often is the opposite – we need a hand to hold. Maybe this is why in the history of early rock-n-roll The Beatles got it right when they sang so simply…

Oh yeah, I’ll tell you something
I think you’ll understand
When I’ll say that something
I wanna hold your hand.

Jesus, of course, never sang Beatles lyrics – or maybe… – but I like to think he understood the need we all share underlying the song. We need each other. He spoke about this idea when he taught about loving your neighbor.  He also lived the idea. I like to think when he called to each of his disciples he not only said,

Come, and follow me.

I hope he then extended a hand – a take my hand and follow invite. Because a truth of being human is simply this – we need a hand to hold.


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