I Believe that He will Win

What can we really do? The problem is so big.

If there are two phrases I never say again – it may be that pair. There is alway something we can do. No matter how lost the person, the scale of the social problem, or the darkness of the evil – there is something we can do. There is a way for God to prevail.

God wove this spirit into us. No matter  the odds, we have a chance. In the recent World Cup – which I actually got into – it was great sport to see matchups between the most unlikely of countries. Ivory Coast v. Japan (Ivory Coast won) Germany v. Ghana (a draw) and others entertained because it put countries of all kinds in competition on the field. No matter the ‘mismatch’, each team showed and played to win. 

That mindset is a Christian must, or perhaps better said – ‘soulset’. No matter the odds Jesus prevails. It is the resurrection message.  Believe it? I hope so, now let me say one word…


Or consider this, an Iraq that knows the love and mercy of Jesus – an Iraq where forgiveness prevails. I believe it will happen. Like you, at first skepticism once ruled my thoughts. How many times have said – those people have been killing each other for thousands of years – and then secretly thought, believed, and did nothing.

Then I met Jeremy Courtney and saw the work he does in Iraq, providing life saving heart surgery to kids in Jesus’ name. Maybe re-read that last sentence a time or two or ten. To me, Jeremy embodies Jesus’ teachings of love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you. He has taught me what it is to love, really love, an enemy and I believe he will help the love of Jesus prevail in Iraq. It will take a change of heart on the part of many, that is true, and that is exactly what Jeremy is doing one child’s heart at a time.

Now, he needs your help. His organization has performed 180 heart surgeries in Iraq this year and they are still operating in the country. Demand is also rising as refugees head south towards his current base of operations. $250 pays for one surgery for one child. Would you help? Between now and August 15, 100% of what is given through RTW will go to Jeremy’s organization.

Thank you. With followers like Jeremy, I believe Jesus will win.



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