Jesus Fights Zombies

iStock_000020858428SmallThis one is personal.

For two decades I have watched and been part of churches fulfilling the mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ. Some churches have been more successful, some less, but in my heart I have to say the church by and large has shied away from creating that ‘have life and have it to the full’ disciple Paul described. When I lead or attend worship services where many are disengaged, see that average church contributions are 2-3% of what people earn, or read of the overall decline of churches like my own United Methodist I have to ask a question – are we in the church missing something?

Many will say the culture is drifting away from faith or stress that individuals must make their own choices, and I believe both of these true. I also believe, however, we in the church have preached half of a gospel in that we neglect the confrontations Jesus had with evil. Jesus came to save us. He also attacked the demons. In church, I have heard far more about the first, and the result is we have created the forgiven-disengaged. What if this changed?

What if we could be the fully-alive disciples Paul described?
What if we could identify the evil within and around us and prevail?
What if we found our God-intended role in this life and lived it daily?
What if the worship of heaven broke out on earth?

The key to becoming this fully-alive believer is a more complete connection with Jesus. When we realize Jesus came to fight evil and let him take on the zombies in us we stop being the living-dead and start becoming the fully-alive disciple Paul described.

I believe God is asking RTW to write this book – Jesus Fights Zombies.

Our board prayed and agreed. RockTheWord will fund and publish this book. All proceeds go back to RockTheWord to fund Christian mavericks. The book is a mission that funds others.

Please pray for us and about giving.  The total cost is $10,000 to publish a book with a creative wrinkle or two.  For those that give – if you’d like – we will send the chapters as they are written to ask your feedback. We want this to be written by us… believers committed to prevailing over evil.

Thank you. Together we are working to be and build Christians who rock!

Rock on!

andy nixon


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