Sabbatical Lesson #3 – Rewoven

Are you open to letting the future come to you?  

The most profound question of sabbatical has been the one above. At first, I was intent on finding my future. The flaw in that thinking is in the third and eighth word. Sensing this, a wise friend asked – are you open to letting your future come to you?  I did not like the question, and it launched one of the great discussions of sabbatical.

I believe in hard work. I believe God works hard too, and recently I have seen again how much more powerful God is. Over the past weeks God, pure and simple, has come my way. People have been sent, conversations held, invitations extended beyond what I could imagine and through them I see a plan coming together. God is coming towards me. I need not move, just watch.

Being my first Sabbatical – I see it now in three parts with this being the last.

1) Stop
2) Rest
3) Watch

Often I have wondered if a decision I am making is God’s will or my own.  With significant decisions ahead, it is again a current question. Following this process, however, has taught me. Stop, rest, and then by simply watching you see a wisdom our motion causes us to miss. There is a plan, and faith asks us to allow God to weave us into it rather than have us stitch ourselves into our own.

Jesus told a story I have been thinking about. He said,

 No one tears a piece out of a new garment to patch an old one. Otherwise, they will have torn the new garment, and the patch from the new will not match the old. – Luke 5:36

Often I have read this as an old or new story – we must be one or the other. Jesus, however, knew our dilemna – we’re both. The question the parable hints at but lets us ask is this – how can we be made new, knowing that we are both old and torn?

The answer is none other than the storyteller. Jesus reweaves us. All God asks of us is to believe, and watch Jesus work.

The parable could almost be called the miracle of our remaking, and it is a story into which we are all sewn.



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