Sabbatical Lesson #4 – Clarity

What do you see now?  

It was a question Jesus asked long ago, and is asking now. After experiencing the touch of Jesus a second time – what do you see now that you could not see before?

Jesus first asked the question in Mark 8. A blind man is brought to Jesus. Jesus touches his eyes once, but the man cannot fully see and tells Jesus – I see people; they look like trees walking around.  Jesus then touches the man’s eyes a second time. The gospel tells us;

Then his eyes were opened, his sight was restored, and he saw everything clearly. – Mark 8:25



The other day I was at the grocery store. I entered the checkout line, and I saw but didn’t see a woman in front of me.  I noticed only that I would have to wait. I pulled out my phone to check my world. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram….and if you are really still there, email.
Then Jesus reached out to me – stop.

I put the phone away, a second look. The woman in front of me was a mom, and very pregnant. A toddler in the grocery cart seat was being a handful as toddlers can be and the mom was trying to still the toddler with one hand while unloading a full grocery cart with the other – all while leaning over a very pregnant belly.

Saved from myself, I asked – May I help you?  After a pause – a second thought? – she smiled and nodded. The toddler was suspect – You creepin’ my mom? –he seemed to say judging by the look. I gestured to give him a high five which he fully accepted – I was in the clear.
We unloaded the cart, she moved on, my turn.  Then, the guy behind the register stops – Nobody does that anymore. I work here all day, and nobody notices what anyone else needs.
Were it not for Jesus, neither would I. Were it not for Jesus, neither would any of us. All of us, my guess is, need a second touch. We think we see things for what they are, but the truth is we do not – we need a second touch – and of the many moments Jesus and I have had over these last weeks these truths are among the strongest.
Only through Jesus do we see.
Clarity requires a second touch.


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