Tea with a Yazidi

iStock_000029343370_SmallLast weekend I met Haider Elias.

Haider is a Yazidi, a member of the ethnic tribe in Iraq ISIS is currently attempting to destroy. Let me tell you a little about Haider.

Five years ago Haider was serving as an interpreter for the U.S. Army. He was a cultural liason between our military and the Iraqi people. When the US left Iraq, we offered those who worked with the army a chance to come to the USA. The reason for this was, in part, protection. Many had taken notes who had helped the US, and once gone many local lives would be in danger.

So Haider, with his wife and children, came to America. He had a fourth grade education, as Iraq does not offer much in that regard, and since arriving in our country here is what Haider has done. He got his GED. He is a year away from earning a B.A. in psychology from the University of Houston. He works as an interpreter through an agency for businesses and individuals. He pays taxes. He is grateful for what his new country offers.

Then, last summer, ISIS attacked his tribe.  His brother was killed. He does not know where many of his friends and family are.

In response, he did something very American, he organized. With others, he formed a non-profit – Yazda – with a mission to help his people.

He also got help. An attorney, part of WoodsEdge Coummunity Church in The Woodlands, Texas,  offered to help get the 501C-3. WoodsEdge also invited Haider to their church, where they listened, learned, and prayed for him.

Now Haider is not a Christian, but in situations like this I find the love of our God exponentially expands. At the U.N. refugee camp in Iraq where many Yazidis have sought refuge is another group ISIS trageted…the Christians. The Christians and the Yazidis are displaced neighbors, suffering together. When I think of what Jesus would do in response I cannot imagine anything but this – Jesus would help both. What greater Christian witness could there be to loving all – even those not like ‘us’ ?

PartyOverview.1200 Scripture tells us – love your neighbor as yourself.

 If you are searching for a way to do that, my friends at  www.preemptivelove.org  are working in those  same  camps and villages right now.

 Lend a hand. It’s simply what love does.


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