We’re on a mission from God

iStock_000040837016SmallLast Saturday, I met Jeremy and Jessica Courtney at the Apple store on a mission. RockTheWord raised $13,000 for Preemptive Love Coalition – THANK YOU ROCKSTARS! – and as part of that we followed our rule. We cannot simply do projects, we must also help the people who lead! In other words, we help the project and the person.

Through some questioning we found out Jeremy had his phone swiped and was using an iphone 3 someone donated. We prayed about it, a donor stepped up to cover the cost, and suddenly we found ourselves at the Apple store. Because Jeremy travels globally his phone needs are a little more than most, but they were solved and in short order an iphone 5 was being configured. Then Jesus moved…

I was talking to Jessica, Jeremy’s wife. Her eyes misted over, and she said,

We are not used to being treated like this. The last 8 months in Iraq have been so hard. You want to come back and take care of yourself, but there are so many commitments to keep things going. To have a group of people who just want to help us profesionally and personally is so rare. Would you thank everyone who is helping with this for me?  It means so much to us.

Yes. From Jessica and Jeremy to you all – thank you. We raised enough to offer 50 heart surgeries to kids in Iraq and we loved on two people doing great work for Jesus Christ. 

I believe – we are on a mission from God.

Typically, churches take mission giving and divide it into very small pieces. They do this to spread their influence, which I understand. However, having a large number of small donors puts a strain on a missionary to interact with a large base of small givers and, in a strange twist, churches are usually unwilling to act on a larger organizational or certainly personal needs that emerge. The reason our effort moved Jessica was, I believe, that we took the step to make it personal.

I would love for you to share and pray about this – I believe there is a better way to go about Kingdom work and a better way to love Kingdom people. If you feel convicted, join us. At RTW, good work gets personal. Its was this way for Jesus,

I have compassion for these people… – Mark 8:2

So, I pray, do we.

Rock on!


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  1. Karlin August 19, 2014 at 2:15 am #

    Beautiful! Their cause is so heavy on my my heart I cannot explain. Please, God encompass their cause, keep them safe, and THEIR hearts strong. I pray for all of those opposed (ISIS) – as they are the true eternity losers in this evil. Abhor the devils dance. Thank you to RTW for keeping it rolling…. God Is…. And will be….He is rocking with you …..

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