Becoming Better Christians – Know Why You’re Here

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They know why they are here.

Powerful Christians know what they are here to do. They know their purpose. There is no doubt. Not to say powerful Christians do not struggle or never wonder how to live their calling, but as far as purpose is concerned powerful Christians know with certainty what they are here to do.

As a pastor, I have talked about purpose many times and I find it often leads to a practical question – How do I know that I know? Just like questions about marriage – how do I know he or she is the one? When it comes to purpose we can get in a spiraling whirlpool of doubt which causes us to go nowhere and sends time down the drain. How do we know? The best practical answer I know to give is this – they can tell you. If I ask you why you’re here and you mumble?

You. Don’t. Know.

I wonder how much of American Christianity is right here? Much of church today appears to be in self-help mode. Churches invest huge amounts of time and energy on making relationships, finances, and raising kids better. These are all great things. What I wonder, though, is this – best practices often emerge when we need them. When I have a greater goal in mind I see the steps I need to take to reach the greater goal. When we know our purpose, we rally. We structure our lives and families to reach what God has put before us. So much self-help never puts purpose before us, and without purpose we are never fully-capable of helping ourselves.

Casa AlleleuiaRecently, I was talking with Mike Clark, the head of Casa Alleluia Orphanage in Guatemala. A home to about 400 children, Casa is a work of God.  I asked Mike, why is Casa here? The answer? To heal children and make sure they know the love of Jesus. End of sentence. A week later I was talking with a pastor of a struggling church and asked the same question – he mumbled. If you cannot say why you are here there is work to do. If you can’t Tweet it, you don’t got it.

All to say that as we make the effort to find our calling, it’s worth it. Answering your call could be the single most powerful step of faith you ever make, not only because of the call itself but for all the restructuring it makes us do. We build our lives around our call and as we do it makes us stronger.

Scripture puts it this way, We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose – Romans 8:28.

It is a verse that works in two directions. All things work for good for those who have been called. Our experience, however, will also be the other way.  As we answer our call from Jesus, we will surround ourselves inside and out with thoughts, prayers, works, friends, and much else that is – in a word – good.

Find your call. Then take a moment and share with me what it is.

(thanks for reading, if you found Jesus in this please comment, share, & give – we are trying to help a few good missionaries out)

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