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Why isn’t the Bible funny?

Lately, I’ve noticed – I rarely laugh during my devotional. I don’t know if this is a good or bad thing, its only something I’ve noticed. After reading a Psalm, a prophet, or a parable there is rarely a laugh on the other side, and given that laughter could be our most God-like quality it’s a quirk of […]


2016 is off to a…well…start? The stock market is tanking. Oil prices are at $27ish per barrel. Donald Trump is leading the Republican Presidential race. Anyone out there who could have predicted those three? Put a $1 bet on those three in Vegas in 2015 and you are now Warren Buffett in 2016. The new […]

Fathers, Sons & Fish

For the last three years our family has ended the current year and started the next in Sanibel, Florida. Sanibel is known for seashells, beaches, and not having a great deal to do. There is no pressure to do anything here because there is nothing in particular to do. Sanibel is an extended Sabbath at year’s end. […]