Do All the Good You Can

Anthony is a ninth grader.

He lives in Houston with his mom.

Because of a job change Anthony and his mom had to move to a different part of town, but Anthony wanted to stay in his old school because it was better than the school in the new  neighborhood. The old school was okay with Anthony staying, but he would have to get himself there. Mom had to get to work, however, and no family was available to pitch in and help.

So Anthony took his own money and went to a garage sale and bought a bike. It was not in the best shape. The bike did not have brakes, it was rusted out in a few spots – but technically he could ride it so he made the purchase. He duct-taped the rusted-through spots and spray painted it black so it looked a little better, and mapped out his route to school.

iStock_000002308239_SmallAt 5:30 each morning he takes the city metro bus.
After the bus ride, he gets off at the light-rail station and takes the city train.
He gets off the train a few blocks from his school.
Then, he gets on his bike, and rides the last several blocks.

Anthony is also on the football team. He’s fast. So most days he leaves school at 5:30 or later to get home about 7:30. His mom works hard too, so often he comes home to an empty house where it is up to him to get dinner going and homework done before mom gets home.

In middle school, it was a little tough for Anthony to make it in the classroom. He was a borderline student. But in high school his ‘C’s’ have become ‘B’s’ and he is putting it together on the academic side.

We told this story to a group we know – just to share the story – and a few days later some friends showed up with a new bike. It’s not much, they said, but a kid working that hard has earned a new bike. They said – it’s not much – but you should have seen his face when he got it.

Back Camera

I share this story because were we to believe what we hear it would seem there is nothing good going on in the world. That, in a word, is a lie. There are many who are trying to make good, even great, happen every day and they are in plain sight – and occasionally some of them need a little help.

John Wesley, founder of the United Methodist Church, said Do all the good you can.

They are words Christians need to heed more often – do all the good you can. The reason is because sometimes there are good kids that need a hand.

I know Anthony will need more help, but we have our eyes open and that will come too. For now, a kid got a new bike. And hopefully he’s seeing that hard work pays off and sometimes the blessings God brings us are kinda cool….

A commute always seems a little shorter when you have a new ride.


(if you found Jesus in this please comment and share)

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