Motorcycles, Looking Where You’re Going & 2016

Casa AlleleuiaLast week my son and I took a Basic Motorcycle Safety Class. You have to take this class to legally ride a motorcycle in Texas, so Noah and I spent two days learning to ride a bike.

The biggest lesson on riding? Easy – look where you want to go. In some ways, it’s that simple. Motorcycles, like the rest of life, usually go where we look. The key is knowing where to look, as the right target has a way of taking you the right way.

As we approach the end of one year and prepare for the next, I suppose many of us will ask a version of the question – Where am I going?  We will ask this questions for ourselves, our families and friends, and for the businesses and organizations of which we are a part. When it comes to the direction we are headed, to paraphrase Alanis Morissette, we oughta know.


Andy & Hughes Bastien – founder of COCINA Haiti Christian School

Towards that end,  I’d like to give you an invitation.

Two years ago a small group of us started rocktheword with the idea we would help Kingdom-minded missions advance and connect highly missional Christians to those missions along the way. As we close 2015, our efforts have been blessed. In 2015, we orchestrated $9 million dollars worth of projects for Kingdom-minded missions, brought our first mission trip to one of those places, and hosted our first gala to help get two missionary airplanes back in the sky – all while learning one particular truth. When Jesus said – Seek first the Kingdom of God  – He meant it, nothing takes its place.

There are also business and cultural sides to what we do. On the business side, Kingdom minded missions often need business help. They need marketing, advertising, and communications people to help tell their story. When this is done right, the gifts they receive grow exponentially. We have seen this happen.

On the cultural side, churches are giving less and less away leaving missions dependent on church funding with a gap. Furthermore, American churches are about to encounter the reality they are expensive and pricing mission experiences out of the range of their parishioners. With a message of tithe, pay a la carte for youth activities, VBS, and other ministries, and then charge even more to go on a mission trip – the most powerful spiritual experiences are unaffordable for most church members. As a result, believers are dividing their tithes and giving more and more to faith-based nonprofits who offer believers a direct experience of the Kingdom they are after. We live in a time where the Holy Spirit is deinstitutionalizing the American Church while simultaneously remissionalizing America for Kingdom work.  

Preemptive Love Coalition Valentines Fundraiser

Preemptive Love Coalition Valentines Fundraiser

In spite of American Church troubles, The Kingdom is thriving. The Holy Spirit is calling some fantastic people to take on Kingdom-building tasks, and rocktheword has been able to help some of those missions take great steps forward.

Please consider donating to what we do and become part of our team.  We do not feed the orphan or educate children in need, but we help those that do in ways they need help the most. There is a Kingdom Jesus is trying to build out there, and we have our eyes on it –  join us.


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– you can donate to rocktheword here & organizations we have helped or are helping is below)

Preemptive Love Coalition
Casa Aleluya Orphanage
St Paul Presbyterian – Houston
Texas Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church
Adonai International – Cayana, Guatemala


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