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Far away, and oh so close.

It is an irony of our hearts. We can feel close to someone far away – it is a God-given gift. The heart, our capacity to love, is untouched by geography. At times, in fact, distance creates a situation only the heart can reach. At Christmas, we see God moving to touch the world from […]

From Christ Towards Kingdom

Where in the Kingdom are you engaged? Advent, the church lead-up to Christmas is in full swing. It is a time where the church remembers the beginning of a shift. A baby in Bethlehem marks a beginning and an ending. Beliefs held about unclean people, legalistic faith, and the permanence of sin and death would fall – and […]

Christmas Old & New

We think it’s a snowman. Maybe it is a hat, or an elf, or Santa. Maybe it is an elf that stood a little to close to the Christmas yule log fire. We understand it is not terribly attractive. Even though we have only a guess as to what it is, it’s on our Christmas tree […]