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The Next Big Word for Church

Peacemaker. It is central to him and is about to be so for us, making peace. In Jesus’ teachings is a phrase so important it is part of the heartbeat of his instructions on what it is to be a follower. Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God. – Matthew 5:9 Are there words our world […]

Millennials: Nones, but not done.

The study is out – the Christian storm in the media roars on. This week the Pew Center for Research published a study about Americans and the faith they practice. Alarmingly to many, the number of young people identifying themselves as ‘none’ when asked about religion spiked upward. Interestingly, the number calling themselves ‘atheist’ or […]

Resurrection: The Evidence

I believe for the same reason the first believed. I see Him. The first Christians believed in the resurrection for a simple reason – they saw Him. The  relationship was deeper, of course.  The two Mary’s and the Twelve were long-time friends of Jesus and knew His teachings and power. With the resurrection, though, suddenly came clarity. He was […]