The Life You Want – in a few hours…

iStock_000005477767_SmallToday I was in Ernest Hemingway’s bedroom. It was a tour.

My favorite author – the original Most Interesting Man in the world – built his literature and image on action. He boxed, skied the Alps, Safari Hunted – and those were his hobbies. He also was an ambulance driver in World War I and served as a wartime correspondent. From those experiences and crazy-genius-talent he also wrote some of the finest short stories and novels the English language will ever know.

Most of us, if we are honest, would like to have a paragraph like the one above written about us – or even a sentence.  Our generation – the look at me generation – desperately wants to shout how interesting our lives are. So we take our selfie stick and….

It’s so sad I think I cannot finish the sentence. The truth is most of us fall far short of the life that is possible for us because we are looking for it the wrong way and trying to live like everybody else.

We all want an interesting life. The Bible too craves it for us, Jesus said –  I have come that you may have life, and have it to the full. – John 10:10. We were made for a fantastically interesting life. It is God’s hope that we max it out. The question is how do we live it?

For me that life is found in the story of Jesus. Living a life following the commands of Jesus to love God and neighbor along with living the pattern of dying to self and serving others leads to the most amazing of journeys. As true as those words may be, though, experience teaches me most people find statements like those to be too much. Maybe the real question is not how do I find life but where do I start?

iStock_000009157790_SmallHere Hemingway’s bedroom offers a clue. On Hemingway’s bed today are likely to be cats. Hemingway received as a gift a six-toed cat – a polydactyl cat with one extra toe on each foot. The cats in Hemingway’s house today are descendants of this cat. And on Hemingway’s bed and, in fact, throughout the house, dozens of cats are…resting.

Which leads me to the best spiritual advice I can give. When you want to discover the divine, follow this plan:

Take a nap.

Then, after you wake up, ask God – what is it I should do right now? Follow whatever thought God suggests.

In today’s world, we are perpetually tired. We are trying to live other people’s lives by pursuing goals either not meant for us or not meant for any of us. God has a plan for each one of us which is unique. When we are rested we have a chance to hear it and know what it is.

Hemingway slept. God rested. Maybe it is time for us to get a clue, and do the same.


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