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A table set…

In all likelihood, a table was set for you this week. If you traveled to family or friends for the Thanksgiving holiday someone prepared a place for you, or even if you hosted – as we did – others brought. Someway, somehow, a place was made for you. The fact that Thanksgiving focuses on a […]

My Beloved Paris

There is a line in Casablanca where Richard Blaine (Humphrey Bogart) responds to Nazi interrogation. The Nazi asks – Are you one of those who left Paris at the time of the occupation?  Blaine answers, It’s not particularly my beloved Paris but there seems to be no secret about that. Although the greatest movie ever made, about […]

The Spiritual Lives of Atheists

A Pew Research blog is making the rounds, (7 Facts About Atheists). It is worth the read. The survey continues themes that have been trumpeted for some time now. Americans are slightly less religious, less spiritually disciplined, and have more doubts about the existence of God than they have in the past. As you read it, […]