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We risk quietly rescinding our resolutions. You probably noticed the local gym is near capacity, conversations focus on new habits, and the new year continues to sweep us along with the tide of new possibilities. All of this rocks. We need the new. If you are like me, however, the old sticks and along about […]

Far away, and oh so close.

It is an irony of our hearts. We can feel close to someone far away – it is a God-given gift. The heart, our capacity to love, is untouched by geography. At times, in fact, distance creates a situation only the heart can reach. At Christmas, we see God moving to touch the world from […]

Christmas Old & New

We think it’s a snowman. Maybe it is a hat, or an elf, or Santa. Maybe it is an elf that stood a little to close to the Christmas yule log fire. We understand it is not terribly attractive. Even though we have only a guess as to¬†what it is, it’s on our Christmas tree […]