The Authentics

The real deal.

It is what we look for, the authentic. Can Donald Trump really be President?  Alarming numbers of us think so  – but regardless of what we think of The Donald he has done this – he stepped into the gap.

Trump has made a fortune putting himself out there and in the coming months he will be tested. Be ready, a Donald Trump with policies could be like a Johnny Manziel with touchdown passes – show what you can do and your image will change. A little while from now, one might say President Trump and not stutter, thinking he is the real deal. Oh my…..

The authentic. It is a buzzword in Christian circles. There is a hunger among us to see people as they really are, and it is elusive. At certain moments, however, we see or hear something, or we meet someone and say – this person has it. They are the real deal, and the stories they tell are those of stepping into gaps and overcoming.

Selfie with Hughes Bastien 🙂

Last week I met Hughes Bastien, founder of Institution Univers, a Christian school in Haiti. Hughes founded the school because being a Haitian with a chance to live in New York he discovered what education could do. He returned to Haiti to found the school and in the early years when he could not make payroll Hughes would go back to New York to drive a cab and send the money he earned to pay his teachers. He slept in his cab to save money. Some nights he was mugged. He never quit. Today, 2500 students are enrolled at Universe. He has closed the gap between kids without an education and kids who need one. The. Real. Deal.

Esdras and Candida Ortiz, and their daughter Deborah

In a few weeks I will return to Casa Alleluya orphanage in Guatemala and renew my friendship with Esdras and Candida Ortiz. Both were raised in the orphanage. Both, now, are leaders in the orphanage. Esdras teaches the boys, and leads the music ministry and praise band. Candida leads the infant wing – where there are about 80 tiny ones. Candida, as a child, was forced to drink bleach by her father when she complained to her dad about sexual abuse brought on by her uncle.  Esdras can tell equally painful stories. Both now are orphanage leaders, closing the gap between the childhood they had and what is possible for the coming generation.

When I emailed Esdras what we could bring him, he said, vitamins. Would you bring vitamins to help us stay healthy?


I don’t know about you, but when I see others step up it makes me have to step up too. Maybe you would like to join me?  For $5,000 we can sponsor Esdras and Candida for a year, which essentially raises each of their salaries from $200 to $400 per month. Would you help? You can donate on this site and 100% of what you give is tax deuctible and goes to Esdras and Candida. What you give, goes.

The authentics close gaps, and I was reminded of a passage. In Ezekiel 22:30, God says,

I looked for someone among them who would build up the wall and stand before me in the gap….

God is looking for people to close the gap between heaven and earth, for people to take a stand. Join us, and I look forward to telling you what Esdras and Candida are doing now….my guess is they are still standing in the gap and the gap is closing.

It’s what the authentics do, and God needs more of them.


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