Who We Are

Andy Nixon

Andy Nixon

The pictures on our homepage tell the story.
They are pictures of who we have helped.

RockTheWord is a Christian non-profit (we are a 501-C3) with a mission of resourcing innovative Christian missionaries, churches, and nonprofits. We believe the Holy Spirit is working constantly, calling believers to bring a fresh word, project, and message to the world. We also know, however, the work is hard. Whether it is outside the lines of traditional church, faces a need for expertise or financial resources, or is just encountering resistence from evil, doing good can be tough. RockTheWord is here to help.

Jesus told a story where a farmer plants wheat in a field, but overnight an enemy puts bad seed in the same field and the two plants end up competing. Christian entrepeners face the same contest. Jesus plants an idea, but projects require financial resources. Innovators need expertise. Institutions may just not have a vision or capacity for an endeavor. On a case by case basis, RockTheWord takes selected projects and assembles the resources to see them through. Missionaries, pastors, leading-edge nonprofits – in whatever form the Spirit leads innovation RockTheWord exists to make a new Word from Jesus, real.

We also do more.

When we support an endeavor, the person matters as much as the project. We believe not only in what that innovator is doing, we believe in the person they are. So when a project is selected by RTW part of each proposal must be personal. How can we enrich, nourish, and develop the person who is working to bring a new work so that they can be phenomenal for Jesus for the long run? Too often missionaries, artists, writers, or other Christian creatives fade simply because of a failure to love both the mission and the missionary. At RTW, we love both.


Partner with us – pray, donate. Talk to us. My contact information is below and I would love your message, text, or call – and thanks for being part of Jesus’ work to rock this world.

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andy nixon
founder of rocktheword.org